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Three years ago, I was preparing for an overseas flight to London. At that moment, something flashed through my mind about plane crashes. Suddenly, I remembered that my Will was not up to date. Worried that something might occur on this trip, I called Richard, my attorney, and what I can only describe as an exasperating conversation unfolded this way:

"Richard, I am leaving on an overseas trip tomorrow night, and my will is not up to date."

"Robbie, no problem. Just go online, create and download a will, and send it to me signed and dated."

"Richard, I prefer that no one know my wishes or the location of my Will. Therefore, no one will know about you, my attorney.”

"Put your will in a safety deposit box”, Richard replied.

Now, I am a tech guy, and I know that physical banks will not be around in the future, let alone safety deposit boxes. 

"That will not work for me!"

“Put it in a safe in your home.”

“No one will have the combination to that safe!”

“Robbie, I do not know what to tell you. Maybe stick it in your mattress.”

My Solution: Heirloom Safe

Ruminating about my absurd conversation with Richard inspired me to create a solution for myself and millions of others like me. Heirloom Safe gives YOU a place to store your Will or Trust ONLINE in a digitally encrypted safe. You designate who can access your vital documents upon notification of your death. Like you, I want my cherished photos, my favorite music, and my memorialized Facebook page to reflect who I am so that I will be remembered in my own way.

My Advice

Be the author of your memory and safeguard your most important information with Heirloom Safe. For a nominal membership fee, you’ll have a place where your documents are confidential until the day comes that you pass. I urge you to get your estate in order and become an Heirloom Safe member today.

Robert Blumenfeld

Robert Blumenfeld is the founder of Heirloom Safe.